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Special Applications

We deliver couplings for many industrial applications and have well over 21,000 variations.
  • We solve tasks and projects with teamwork
  • We use high performance manufacturing machinery
  • We test piece by piece for safety
  • We assemble with capacity and know-how
  • We are very particular about precision and safety

Automotive Industry

  • Direct Engine Connectors
  • Robot Tool Changes
  • Press Tools
  • Multicouplings for Engine Test
Automotive Industry (5,183 KB)

Chemical Industry

  • Large Bore Clean Break Couplings
  • Breathing Couplings
  • Breakaway Couplings
  • Couplings for Hazardous Fluids/Gas
Chemical Industry (1,836 KB)

Aircraft, Military and Spacecraft

  • Fuel Couplings
  • Quick Change Engine Connectors
  • Oil Fill Adaptors for Jet Engines
  • Multicoupling Systems for Jet Engine Test
Aircraft, Military and Spacecraftf (2,012 KB)

Nuclear Technology

  • Manipulator Couplings
  • Remote Handling
  • Multicouplings

Medical Appliances

  • Breathing/Gas Connectors
  • Plastic Couplings for Fluid Handling
  • Stainless Steel Couplings
  • Panel Mounted and Hose Tail Fittings
Medical Industry (372 KB)

Industrial and Steel Mills

  • Roll Changes
  • Pressure Venting
  • High Temperature Couplings
  • Safety Locking
  • High Pressure Clean-break Couplings

Offshore & Marine Industry

  • Quick Release Couplings for Long-term Subsea
  • Diver Screw Type
  • Rov Hot Stabs
  • Balanced Pressure Elements
  • Stabplate Elements
  • Multicouplings for Workover, Swing Bolt & Cam Locking Design
  • Rov Stabplates
  • Emergency Release/Break-away Multicouplings
Offshore Industry (1,612 KB)

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